Lead Canopy and Flashings

Although roofs are predominantly clad in clay or concrete tiles or slate, or even materials like metal sheeting and felts, there is generally the need for some lead work where the pitch of a roof meets a vertical structure like a wall or side of a dormer for example, or where the pitched roof meets a flat roof. The flat roof can of course also be finished in lead, although these are sometimes finished in single-ply, but either way, lead is usually an important component in the final waterproofing detail.

There are lead alternatives made from re-enforced bitumen, which offer an option to lead where, perhaps, the aesthetics of lead is not so important, or where a roofer isn't qualified and skilled enough to manipulate the lead to the required shape or to create the delicate weld junctions often needed, but we believe properly specified lead of the correct thickness or code (being anything from Code 3 which is the thinnest / lightest to Code 8) cannot be beaten and is assured to last several decades and beyond !

Working with the Lead Sheet Association and industry training bodies like the CITB, we regularly have young trainees learning the lead skills needed to carry out this highly skilled and worthwhile work.

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Lead porch canopy with mop sticks

OK, this is a bit of a "list", but gives you an indication of the lead work we have carried out in the past year or so...

  • Lead flat roof
  • Lead canopy
  • Lead porch
  • Lead dormer roof
  • Lead dormer cheeks
  • Lead dormer apron
  • Lead valleys
  • Lead ridge and lead hips
  • Lead box gutter
  • Lead chimney flashing
  • Lead chimney apron
  • Lead chimney back gutter
  • Lead stepped flashing
  • Lead cover flashing
  • Lead parapets
  • Lead parapet cappings
  • Lead saddles
  • ... and so on....!
Lead flat roof porch - before
Lead flat roof porch - after
Lead flat roof - lift overrun
Lead butterfly jucntion on two adjoining pitched roofs
Back gutter to chimney and abutment
Lead shoulder and upstand on pitched roof
Lead flashings to parapet wall
Lead flashings to parapet wall

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