The 3-in-1 Eaves Vent Pack provides a simple and economic solution to eaves ventilation by providing all the necessary components required in one pack. Packs are available for continuous eaves ventilation of 10,000mm<sup>2</sup>/m and 25,000mm<sup>2</sup>/m. A complete 6m pack comprises of Fascia Vents, Roll Out Rafter Tray and Underlay Support Tray.

  • New build and re-roofing applications
  • 450mm and 600mm rafter centres
  • Support tray prevents ponding behind the gutter


The Fascia Vents are installed directly onto the fascia board and fixed using 50mm x 3.35mm corrosion resistant nails. The Roll Out Rafter Tray is then rolled out over the rafters in the correct position to provide a ventilation channel above the insulation and fixed into the rafters using galvanized clout nails or staples. The Underlay Support Tray is placed on top of the Fascia Vent and is nailed or stapled through its top edge into the rafters.


Underlay Support Tray 265mm wide

10mm Vent 1m/500mm x 42mm wide x 25mm deep

25mm Vent 1m/500mm x 38mm wide x 38mm deep

Roll Out Rafter Trays 6m x 300mm wide/6m x 400mm wide

Provides the equivalent of a continuous 10mm or 25mm opening (10,000mm<sup>2</sup> and 25,000mm<sup>2</sup> per metre run respectively) at eaves level.

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