Our BS5534 graded roofing batten is supplied in lengths, usually 3.6m and longer.

Note that a batten should be a minimum of 1.2m long and span at least 3 rafters and not more than one in four battens should be joined over one truss for gauges over 200mm. Below 200mm there can be 3 consecutive joins in any twelve battens. The best way to meet this is to buy a spread of lengths so joints can be staggered.

Our battens are coloured red to help identify the batten when you are on-site. The battens are manufactured to BS5534 in addition to having BBA accreditation.

The batten is factory graded using a combination of cameras and lasers giving consistent accuracy and is manufactured from sideboards and is kiln-dried before treatment which gives a straight distortion-free batten that is light to handle and meets the required moisture content in BS5534. There is also no danger of post-installation shrinkage, and high quality sideboard cuts also mean less risk of defect.