Only Rolled Lead Sheet achieves the British Standard BS EN 12588 for thickness consistency. The rolling process involves passing slabs of Lead back and forth between high pressured rollers. The process is computer controlled to consistently obtain an exact predetermined thickness and knitted grain structure, allowing the performance of the product to be accurately predicted whilst in situ.

Our Rolled Lead Sheet is BS EN 12588 which guarantees:

  • A range of standard thicknesses with a tolerance of +/- 5%;
  • The alloy used conforms to quality of not less than 99.81% Lead;
  • Improved durability

We supply Rolled Lead Sheet in widths from 150mm to 1275m in standard roll lengths of 3 and 6 metres.

The maximum size recommended for each thickness varies. The thicker the Lead the larger the piece that can be laid.

This lead sizing chart provides details of the maximum recommended sizes of Rolled Lead Sheet for a range of common applications.

This lead weight chart provides the weioghts of the various thicknesses and widths.

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