We are trying to ensure as a company, that within our own resources we maintain levels of skill at all costs, and create a training program to provide our labour needs for the future.

Employing our own labour force is helping in two ways to achieve this goal:

Our aim is to employ a fully qualified work force, to achieve this we offer on-site assessment and training resulting in National Vocational Qualifications (N. V. Q. s) in roof slating and tiling up to Level 3.

We employ our own qualified N. V. Q. assessor and have in house training facilities with a fully functional roof-training rig on our own premises, which benefit everyone from new trainees to experienced workers.

The development of a training program and improvement of skill levels we see as vital, to maintain and expand the workforce levels necessary to service our customers needs into the next century.

We also offer a credible apprenticeship scheme to which our current participants are excelling at. Learning from a young age will ensure our work force stays at a high standard throughout the years.